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Accounting & Bookkeeping

CPA Accountant Pocatello - Accounting-BookkeepingOur bookkeeping service is a cost-effective way of ensuring your finances are correctly recorded and reported.

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Tax Planning and Preparation

CPA Accountant Pocatello - Tax-Planning-Preparation

Concerned about your taxes? Do you think you are paying too much in taxes and want to figure out a better plan?

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Payroll Services

CPA Accountant Pocatello - Payroll Services

Payroll processing involves much more than just writing a payroll check. Laws and forms are constantly changing.

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 CPA Name2Your Accountant for Professional Accounting

 and Tax Preparation Services

Let us help you with:

Business and Individual Income Tax Planning and Preparation ……..using the latest in technology to make your life easier.

IRS Unfiled Taxes Assistance…….. Halting IRS harassment while we take care of your unfiled tax returns.

Payroll Preparation and Time Clock…….. Relieves your frustration of managing payroll, giving you more time to focus on your core business. Onerous timekeeping requirements are being demanded by Obama Care, and our timekeeping service offers a solution for you.

Monthly Accounting and Client Bookkeeping System…….. Keeps your finger on the financial pulse of your business, allowing you to maintain focus on the bottom line.

1031 Tax Free Real Estate Exchanges…….. The process by which we plan your sale transaction to defer the taxes from the gain on a sale of a property you have held for business or investment purposes.

Business Evaluation and Analysis…….. Allows us to assess your company, perform industry comparisons, and develop a plan to maximize your performance and profit.

Estate Planning…….. Arranging your affairs well before your death, to allow the managed transfer of wealth to your heirs, with the least amount lost to taxes.

Forensic Accounting…….. Reconstruction of accounting records to bring to light the true activities of a company.

Net Client Services…….. giving you full access, 24/7 to books, investments, planning, and growth tools so you know, at all times, where you stand in your business and personal finances.



5 stars
I have been a satisfied client of Nyle G. Taylor CPA’s income tax preparation services for about 20 years. This service includes a tax organizer, which initially I did not use because it seemed like a lot of extra work that I could avoid by just bringing a folder full of tax documents to my yearly appointments. However, I eventually realized that the organizer provided the most efficient way to help me and NGT find all of the deductions that I was entitled to on my income tax returns. The present tax organizer is web based and much easier to use than past versions. All information from the previous tax year is shown next to blank spaces for present year entries. This helps guide the user through the process of data collection and entry. This also makes it easy to compare yearly changes and difficult to overlook any reportable tax related item. When finished, the user can upload any necessary tax documents, push a send button, and the organizer is transmitted to NGT. User data are then checked and verified by NGT before being transferred to applicable income tax forms for user review prior to submission to tax agencies. In my opinion, this process works extremely well.
I retired in 2005, and moved from Pocatello to Arizona in 2008. The web income tax organizer allows me to continue to use the trusted and cost-effective tax preparation services of Nyle Taylor by providing a secure tax communication environment in lieu of traditional office appointments, even while I live a thousand miles away. Any tax questions are easily resolved by phone. I highly recommend using the web based income tax organizer and Nyle G Taylor CPA for all of your tax preparation services.
Steve Anderson - Tucson, AZ
5 stars

Great service and value. I will gladly recommend using his services.

Chad Sanders - Facebook - February 17
5 stars

… I work out at the site and carpool. I assumed that the miles would count as a deductible expense (and I still think it should). After discussing with Nyle he said that he would do further research. Within a day or so he had the answer (unfortunately not the answer I wanted). I appreciate that he was willing to research an answer he already knew just to satisfy me. I also appreciate that he is willing to stick to his guns and not allow unethical information to be submitted, even if that means my return won’t be as high. To me that is professionalism.

UPDATE: later this year Nyle called me to inform me of a tax conference he attended where they specifically discussed carpooling miles to the site. He again confirmed that the information he originally told me was indeed correct. I was very impressed that he continued to think about my tax situation long after my return had been submitted.

Chase T. of Idaho Falls, ID
5 stars

I have had Nyle prepare my taxes while living in North Carolina, Indiana and Idaho. I love that he is able to accomplish all of our correspondence via email and the phone. Everything has always been easy and smooth with him preparing my taxes.”

Brady Taylor
5 stars

Nyle manages both my personal and business accounting. He and his staff are professional, timely, and willing to take the time to answer any questions I have. His advice has saved my business a lot of money and each year, my family’s tax refunds are way more than I expect. I highly recommend him!

Paul Romriell
5 stars

Having Nyle do our taxes was a great experience for us. We had just moved to a different state and gotten married. We had two different returns from two different states. Nyle was able to do them without any problems and in timely manner. It was very affordable and he did a really good job. I recommend his business.

Nathan Sparks
5 stars

I have worked with Nyle Taylor since 1998. He does the accounting, quarterly report, payroll to basically everything else for my three restaurants. He is a very trustworthy person to work with. He and his staffs are friendly and they get the job done on a timely manner. He is very knowledgeable in his accounting skills and would recommend the most efficient way to do business. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone who is friendly, trusting, professional, and gets the job done.

Derek Tran
4 stars

Nyle Taylor has been my accountant for more than two decades. He has always been very accommodating and timely in getting any work done for me as I have needed it. I acknowledge that I am not always the easiest client to work for as I tend to procrastinate until the very last minute and then expect that my work will be done when I need it. Notwithstanding that particular character flaw Nyle has been more than willing to get the work done and has always charged very reasonable rates for what has ended up as very high quality work. Nyle knows good business practice and is always willing to offer observations and advice when appropriate. He stays on top of technological advances and has helped me to streamline and improve many of the management practices which I use in my business. I fully expect to continue to use Nyle for many years to come.

Craig Parrish
5 stars

Nyle has been our accountant for over 10 years. He does an excellent job with our personal tax returns as well as several for-profit business entities and a non-profit organization. He always willing to take time to answer questions. He is also very patient when we are pushing filing deadlines and makes sure we don’t miss them. He is an excellent partner and we highly recommend him.

Brenda W